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Utilizing advanced technology to provide in-home patient assessment and care.

  • i-STAT System
    SmartCare Paramedics utilize the most advanced technology available, like the i-Stat System by Abbott Point of Care. The fully automated i-STAT System offers a broad menu of tests for diagnostic and treatment indicators related to disease state management and clinical practice guidelines.…
  • ZOLL EMS Mobile Health
    An industry leader in ambulatory clinical solutions. SmartCare partners with Zoll EMS Mobile Health, an industry leader in ambulatory clinical solutions with a network of more than 100,000 physicians.  SmartCare paramedics are able to deliver real time information securely to the patient's primary care…
  • Remote Telemetry
    Information meets technology. SmartCare Paramedics are equipped with ZOLL X-Series advanced, full-featured monitors/defibrillators with Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth®, and USB capabilities.  The X Series combines the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR quality improvement with advanced monitoring parameters like the…

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Home Evaluation
SmartCare Paramedics perform a thorough home safety assessment to identify risk factors that may cause subsequent health concerns. Assessment inside the home includes living room, kitchen, stairs, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Outside the home includes sidewalks, driveways and porches. This complete assessment is included in the PCP reporting.


Patient Assessment
SmartCare Paramedics perform a thorough patient assessment with Vital Signs (including SPo2), apply cardiac monitoring/obtain 12 Lead, O2 administration as needed, and can draw Labs with on-site results in under 30 minutes. They will consult with PCP to determine care plan including Lasix, Nitro and CPAP and discuss transportation options, as needed.


PCP Connection
SmartCare Paramedics stay connected with the PCP to report clinical findings and discuss the most appropriate care plan. PCPs can update the patient's medical record remotely and have complete oversight of the patient's care throughout the process. This unique partnership delivers the highest level of care and the most efficient workflow.

Case Studies

  • Medication Reconciliation

    58 year old Male; active heroin user Patient requested medication reconciliation as patient overwhelmed.  Med rec done and changes appropriate per discharge instructions.  Patient had not picked up meds from pharmacy but with the push of having someone come out to help him he did go to pharmacy.  Emergency Department involvement avoided.

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  • Mental Status Change

    89 year old Male; Vague description of mental status change.  No glucometer in the home.  Declined PCP appointment, VNA not able to see on this day.  Vitals all WNL.  Blood Sugar OK.  Patient ambulating around the home without difficulty.  VNA to see the following day, family continues to refuse appointments. Emergency Department avoided.

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  • Elevated Blood Pressure

    89 year old Female; VNA reports BP of 220/100, asymptomatic.  Patient took meds when VNA left.  SmartCare Paramedic went to recheck BP.  Of note patient left AMA from rehab.  BP improved to 160/90.  Emergency Department evaluation avoided.  

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  • Cellulitis Evaluation

    54 year old Male; Evaluation of Cellulitis. Patient not able to get in for appointment; has history of septic joint in same area, history of L BKA.  SmartCare able to provide pictures of area to provider.  Started on PO antibiotics.  No further issues.

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  • Hyperkalemia

    88 year old Male; repeat labs needed for critical hyperkalemia (K 5.7) Labs repeated, in range (5.3).  Follow up in office a few weeks later.  Able to determine need for kayexalate.  No other issues.  No Emergency Department involvement.

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  • Severe Thyroid Dysfunction

    69 y/o female; hx: hypothyroidism. Non-Med compliant; refusing to go to Hospital or clinic.  Family States altered mental status. Family called with concerns of behavior/known severe thyroid dysfunction and not taking mediations.  Refused to come to appointment in hospital.  Patient given 2 liters Intravenous fluids; medications obtained by Cataldo Ambulance Service.  Able to direct admit six…

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  • URI symptoms

    58 y/o Female; URI symptoms Unable to get in due to HD patient and had treatment that afternoon.  Supportive measures; good assessment; nasal spray sent to local pharmacy; Patient otherwise likely would have gone to Emergency Department.

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  • Hyperglycemia
    Mr. John Anderson, Designer

    78 year old Female; Hyperglycemia Patient refusal to come to follow up appointment in HCA.  Blood Sugar 475 at arrival.  Administered 15 units Humolog; recheck fs 277.  Emergency Department avoided.

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