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What is SmartCare?

SmartCareCar2_370x279SmartCare Community Paramedicine transfers the skills of a paramedic directly from the emergency setting to the home setting.

The goal of SmartCare Community Paramedicine is to provide an alternate healthcare outlet for patients, nurses and physicians to utilize when a patient just “doesn’t feel right”. Whereas the current structure often directs patients towards the 911 system as the fallback, we know that many situations do not necessitate the use of emergency response as the best possible course of action. Ensuring that a trained paramedic is on scene within a specified time frame (generally under one hour) and is able to properly assess the patient's health directly with the primary care physician is often the most appropriate response to a patient’s health concern. SmartCare is the next step towards creating an efficient, cost effective and medically appropriate patient-centered healthcare system.

SmartCare team

  • MaryEllen Shea

    Program Supervisor - MaryEllen has 36 years of experience as an EMS professional…

  • David Hammond

    Call Center Manager - Dave Hammond started his career in Emergency Medical Services 30…

  • David Franklin

    Paramedic - David Franklin has devoted his career to EMS, starting as a…

  • Victoria Sacco

    Paramedic - Victoria has been a paramedic at Cataldo Ambulance service for 5…

  • Marcella Arch

    Paramedic - Working in EMS for over 25 years, Marcella has devoted her…

  • Matthew Williams

    Paramedic - Originally from New Jersey, Matt Williams moved to Massachusetts in 2010…

  • Dennis Russell

    Paramedic - Dennis Russell has been working in Healthcare for over 19 years.…

  • Stacy Caterina

    Paramedic - Stacy has been in EMS for 10 years, primarily with Atlantic Ambulance…

  • Michael Simon

    Paramedic - Before joining Cataldo Ambulance, Michael spent 8 years in the U.S.…

  • Barbara Vaillant

    Paramedic - Barbara Vaillant is an industry wide, well-respected paramedic with 36 years…

  • Gary Hill

    Paramedic - Gary has been working in the healthcare field for over 28…

  • Catt Harvey-Cronin

    Paramedic - bio coming soon!

Executive team

  • Dennis Cataldo

    Vice President - Mr. Cataldo represents the second generation of Cataldo family members…

  • Dan Hoffenberg

    Chief Operations Officer - Dan has been with Cataldo Ambulance Service for ten…

  • Karen Host

    Program Director - Karen comes to Cataldo Ambulance Service with over 23 years…

our advantages

  • Your Eyes and Ears.
    SmartCare Paramedics are a direct link in the field between our hospital partners and the patient, so that every healthcare decision is based on up-to-date information.
  • Specialized Training.
    Smartcare Paramedics undergo specialized training in direct in-home patient care and communication and have a minimum of 5 years field experience with at least 3 years  in a 911 emergency environment.
  • Exclusive Availability.
    SmartCare Paramedics are available exclusively to ensure the safety & wellness of patients who've been recently discharged from hospital care.

why Choose Us

The full scope of practice of paramedics is often underutilized in the healthcare picture.

Hospitals continue to face an increased risk of high readmission rates for recently discharged patients. SmartCare Community Paramedicine leverages the skill level of highly trained medical personnel to provide an outlet for aggressive patient-centered care of those who have historically been deemed as a high risk. SmartCare provides an increasingly practical solution towards maintaining continuity of care within the healthcare system.

SmartCare allows PCP’s to utilize skilled paramedics as their eyes and ears in the field. This streamlined approach ensures that a patient is kept within their own hospital network and that the primary care physician is both informed and involved in the patient's care plan. SmartCare affords PCP's the ability to make timely and informed decisions for a patient, which is invaluable towards their overall health and wellness.  SmartCare Community Paramedicine is the logical solution towards addressing this need.

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