Case Studies

58 year old Male; active heroin user

Patient requested medication reconciliation as patient overwhelmed.  Med rec done and changes appropriate per discharge instructions.  Patient had not picked up meds from pharmacy but with the push of having someone come out to help him he did go to pharmacy.  Emergency Department involvement avoided.

89 year old Male; Vague description of mental status change. 

No glucometer in the home.  Declined PCP appointment, VNA not able to see on this day.  Vitals all WNL.  Blood Sugar OK.  Patient ambulating around the home without difficulty.  VNA to see the following day, family continues to refuse appointments. Emergency Department avoided.

89 year old Female; VNA reports BP of 220/100, asymptomatic. 

Patient took meds when VNA left.  SmartCare Paramedic went to recheck BP.  Of note patient left AMA from rehab.  BP improved to 160/90.  Emergency Department evaluation avoided.


54 year old Male; Evaluation of Cellulitis.

Patient not able to get in for appointment; has history of septic joint in same area, history of L BKA.  SmartCare able to provide pictures of area to provider.  Started on PO antibiotics.  No further issues.