Case Studies

88 year old Male; repeat labs needed for critical hyperkalemia (K 5.7)

Labs repeated, in range (5.3).  Follow up in office a few weeks later.  Able to determine need for kayexalate.  No other issues.  No Emergency Department involvement.

69 y/o female; hx: hypothyroidism. Non-Med compliant; refusing to go to Hospital or clinic.  Family States altered mental status.

Family called with concerns of behavior/known severe thyroid dysfunction and not taking mediations.  Refused to come to appointment in hospital.  Patient given 2 liters Intravenous fluids; medications obtained by Cataldo Ambulance Service.  Able to direct admit six days later - no Emergency Department involvement.

58 y/o Female; URI symptoms

Unable to get in due to HD patient and had treatment that afternoon.  Supportive measures; good assessment; nasal spray sent to local pharmacy; Patient otherwise likely would have gone to Emergency Department.

78 year old Female; Hyperglycemia

Patient refusal to come to follow up appointment in HCA.  Blood Sugar 475 at arrival.  Administered 15 units Humolog; recheck fs 277.  Emergency Department avoided.

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