Advanced Technology


istat509x470Diagnostics in the palm of your hand.

SmartCare Paramedics utilize the most advanced technology available, like the i-Stat System by Abbott Point of Care. The fully automated i-STAT System offers a broad menu of tests for diagnostic and treatment indicators related to disease state management and clinical practice guidelines.  Using just 2 or 3 drops of blood, the system provides time-sensitive tests at the patient's side in just minutes.

The patient is the priority.

From specialized training, to cutting edge technology, every detail of the SmartCare program is meticulously crafted to offer the best possible experience for the patient.  SmartCare Paramedics are highly skilled, dedicated people who have the training to provide exceptional in-the-field analysis , and the compassion to make a human connection.  A combination that is the best medicine.



Real Time. Real Secure.

SmartCare partners with ZOLL EMS Mobile Health, an industry leader in ambulatory clinical solutions with a network of more than 100,000 physicians.  SmartCare paramedics are able to deliver real time information securely to the patient's primary care physician or alternate medical control, all while at the patient's  home, in order to properly communicate clinical findings and discuss the most appropriate care plan.

Immediate Updates.

SmartCare Paramedics communicate with the patient's Primary Care Physician or alternate medical control, document all aspects of the call in the patient's eClinicalWorks medical record, and shares the patient's medical record for PCP review, all immediately and securely. The PCP then updates the patient's eClinicalWorks medical record with their own notes and instructions for care.



Information meets Technology.

SmartCare Paramedics are equipped with ZOLL X-Series advanced, full-featured monitors/defibrillators with Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth®, and USB capabilities.  The X Series combines the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR quality improvement with advanced monitoring parameters like the ability to simultaneously display multiple waveforms, including four physiological waveforms or all 12 ECG leads on-screen.

Vital information, STAT.

By utilizing the most advanced resources available, SmartCare Paramedics can provide our healthcare partners and PCPs with up-to-date patient health information.  This allows the healthcare provider to make informed health management decisions while avoiding unnecessary visits to the Emergency Department or hospital readmission.