Enrolled Patient

Enrolled patients enjoy all the benefits of access to healthcare professionals 24 hours a day. They can reach out to our 24/7 call center and speak with a trained dispatcher. After a phone assessment, the dispatcher may resolve the patient's concern or arrange for a SmartCare paramedic to visit their home for a more in-depth assessment or when they are unable to get to their doctor for any reason.

The SmartCare Paramedic will work in conjunction with the patient’s PCP to develop a care plan and optimize the patient’s ability to access all available services. They can have regular checks initiated by our call center, as well as access to tele-health devices for remote in-home monitoring by our trained staff. Each enrolled patient will have the ability to customize their services based on their individual needs, which can be modified as the patient's needs change. The unique ability to customize the required level of individualized care is key to this patient-centered approach to healthcare.