SmartCare Call Center

Communications_center1Patient care doesn't have business hours, Neither does SmartCare.

The Call Center is staffed around the clock by highly motivated, experienced tele-communicators with a rigorous QA process and mandatory continuing education.  The Call Center has multiple fail-safe systems in place to ensure continuous availability of the highest care.  SmartCare tele-communicators are trained in monitoring tele-health devices to quickly alert medical personnel of changes in patient status per established protocols.  Every SmartCare tele-communicator  is required to be certified in:

Priority Emergency Medical Dispatch


Pre-arrival instruction & medical triage

AT&T Language Line (language translation)

The EMD Quality Assurance team is a professional staff that meet and exceed national standards. EMDQA certification provides our team with the tools required to properly evaluate and score the six elements of the Priority Dispatch System. The SmartCare team has designed and implemented quality management records system and annual training programs. Employees work diligently to achieve timely quality patient care and maintain the highest standards available in the industry.