Working in EMS for over 25 years, Marcella has devoted her life to a career in Emergency Medical Services. At 19, she began working as an EMT providing emergency services to many municipalities. She attended Northeastern University in 1998 and graduated with a certification in Paramedicine.

Marcella spent 4 years in England and obtained her paramedic certification from the National Health Service (NHS).

She also spent 5 years working in Volusia County in Florida where she continued to obtain knowledge and education working on the ambulance in very busy municipalities, including Daytona Beach. She had the opportunity to learn new skills including surgical Cricothyrotomy, central lines and rapid sequence intubation (RSI).

Marcella worked as a Clinical Field Supervisor for 4 years at Fallon Ambulance Service before leaving to pursue a new role with SmartCare. Along with her role as a MIH paramedic, she is a field training officer, which she is enjoying very much.

In 2016, Marcella graduated from Charter Oaks College with a bachelor degree in Health Sciences with honors.

Marcella has extensive training in many areas of EMS including HAZMAT and Support Rehabilitation. Her certifications include NREMTP, ACLS, CPR and AMLS