Paramedic - Stacy has been in EMS for 10 years, primarily with Atlantic Ambulance Service a division of Cataldo Ambulance. Her first 5 years, as an Emergency Medical Technician, provided her valuable patient contact and assessment experience. Stacy began working on a transfer ambulance throughout the North Shore, eventually moving to a dedicated 911 position for the city of Lynn, her home town and one of the busiest emergency ambulance municipalities in Massachusetts.

As an indication of her hard work and dedication, Stacy was honored to receive a memorial scholarship from Cataldo Ambulance to attend paramedic school. She attended the National Medical Education Training Center where she gained her Paramedic certificate in 2009.

Stacy is currently an Advanced Life support (ALS) Field Training Officer, working with new paramedics as they enter this challenging field.

As a parent of a child on the Autism spectrum, she is able to utilize firsthand, real-life knowledge and experience in educating local fire and police departments about Autism and the importance of its treatment and recognition.

With strong ties to her local community, Stacy works motivating other first responders to help with buying necessities for local shelters, DCF and Head Start programs, especially at Christmas time.

Her certificates include EMTP, ACLS, PALS and CPR and she holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Law and Psychology from North Shore Community college.