Why Choose Us

photo2Hospitals continue to face an increased risk of high readmission rates for recently discharged patients. SmartCare Community Paramedicine leverages the skill level of highly trained medical personnel to provide an outlet for aggressive patient-centered care of those who have historically been deemed as a high risk. SmartCare provides an increasingly practical solution towards maintaining continuity of care within the healthcare system.

SmartCare allows PCP’s to utilize skilled paramedics as their eyes and earsin the field. This streamlined approach ensures that a patient is kept within their own hospital network and that the primary care physician is both informed and involved in the patient's care plan. SmartCare affords PCP's the ability to make timely and informed decisions for a patient, which is invaluable towards their overall health and wellness.  SmartCare Community Paramedicine is the logical solution towards addressing this need.

SmartCare collaborates with our healthcare partners to define their specific population of patients who can benefit from Mobile Integrated Healthcare.  Patient population can be so broad as to include every patient discharged within 30 days or narrowed down to only include patients with a specific health concern.

SC_van_drivewayMobile Integrated Healthcare is a new  approach to patient-centered care. The experience level of our SmartCare Paramedics is paramount to the success of each patient interaction.  They are among the most experienced and well trained in the industry. Each SmartCare Paramedic has a minimum of 5 years experience working in a 911 system and has responded to a minimum of  1,000 calls in their careers.  They arrive in a specialized vehicle outfitted with equipment specific to community paramedicine, which  means no ambulance in the patient's driveway and a discreet visit by experienced and well equipped paramedics.

SmartCare leverages the infrastructure of the largest private provider of Emergency Medical Services in New England. This brings increased efficiency and cost savings that are passed on to our healthcare partners.   Our wide geographical coverage area and short response time creates the perfect one-stop solution for all of your Mobile Integrated Health needs.